Sample Readings

Thank you for letting me showcase your spread😊
The theme for you from now September moving forward into December is page of cups reversed – watch out for fake friends and people trying to buy your affection for their own personal gain
Chariot reversed – you may be pushing back or canceling road trip plans or a car deal is not good as you hoped
6 of wands reversed – Something you left behind for good reasons, you’ll be stepping back into that same situation again
Ace of wands – ” Victory” Success is yours, a raise with praise…go you!
Devil – sexual passion is on the menu, can become addictive ..again go you!!!
Pulled an extra card and you got the knight of wands – young unmarried fire sign male, dark hair/complexion or both .. hang on to your heart…this guy is flying in like trouble on a stick! LoI 😉 I hope you liked your forecast
Many blessings and much love ~ Mari
The energy coming in is karma, Union and gifts
karma being released and doors opening where they were closed to you, obstacles removed Union is signing a contract and taking a relationship to the next level
gifts and surprises from the universe something unexpected coming in maybe many things.
you have the king of cups (cancer Pisces Scorpio) below the doors opening he’s elevating you in a big way, to the side of him we have good news coming swiftly something you’ve been waiting on this could be a letter, text or email next we have the page of cups and offer of love below your king of Cups we have the queen of Cups cancer Pisces Scorpio woman four of diamonds and four of clubs the four of diamonds is a new elevation to your finances something that stays with you four of wands an upgrade to home or business typically around the home a celebration below you have good news coming in the 10 of hearts the ultimate Rejoice card below that you have another 4 four Swords this is taking downtime to rejuvenate it’s typically four days.. personal much needed time and space.. then we have the six of spades leaving rough waters for calm stable water also a card if travel and typically you’re going somewhere near the water and you are a water sign.. below the gifts and an offer we have seven of clubs this would be staking a claim around something typically property or business I don’t feel that in your case I feel this has more to do with your love life because below that you have 9 of hearts the wish card something you’d been wishing for a long time coming to fruition with the eight of hearts going into your future new life!
Hope you enjoyed your reading
many blessings Mari😘